Ties off crosses on cross?

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    Tie off crosses on cross?

    I'm relatively new to stringing (I'm sure some of you will recognize my alias and some of my pathetic written-in-frustration posts), so forgive what may very well be a stupid question.

    I strung a Gamma Tour 330X last night, and following the pattern on Gamma's web site, it says:

    length 38' ss:9' pattern 16x18 start M's @T mains skip 7T,9T & 7H,9H tie off M's @8T 2piece start X @7H tie off at 5H,11T

    I went with 2 piece. So I finished the mains and tied off at 8T. I then started the crosses by tying a starting not on 5H and then weaving starting at 7H as indicated.

    When I got to the end, I realized that where it says to tie off crosses is 11T. 11T is a cross. It has to be because the racquet is 16x18 and you skip 7H/T and 9H/T on mains. This means that 10 has to be the last main on both sides (the 8th main on each side, bringing that total to 16), thus mandating that 11 is a cross.

    For some reason (and I may be just pulling this out of my butt), I thought that you generally tied off crosses on a main? Or am I delusional and just making crap up?

    Or, did I royally screw this one up? I played with it this morning and was happy with it.... for whatever that's worth :-/
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  2. Irvin

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    Sometime you do and sometimes you don't. Some of the Babolat rackets even have you start the crosses tying off on a cross string. That means you have to start the first three or four crosses then tie off the top cross.

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    The old Prince CTS have to tie off on cross...
  4. kashgotmoney

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    Jul 30, 2008
    well you tie off your mains on a main right? so why not crosses

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