Tighten Clamp Base on Alpha Pioneer?


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One of my clamps on my alpha pioneer DC plus could use some tightening up. To lock the base, I have to turn the lever way to the other side. I would like to tighten it so I can lock and tighten the base easier.

Does anyone know how this is done? the manual said to insert an alan wrench into a hole in the base and tighten, but I tried that and 1. It didn't seem to be entering into a socket for an alan wrench, so it was having no effect and 2. I wasn't sure if that was actually the method for making the locking mechanism tighter.
Pull off the rubber plug on the base. Use the allen wrench provided. It should have equal length shafts. You can stick the end of the Allen wrench in the hole, rotate the clamp until you wrench becomes engaged with the hex nut. Turn a little bit at a time, checking after each turn to make sure you can still move the clamp base. Again, trial and error.