Time to remove the asterisk from Thiem’s USO


All we’ve heard all year is how Thiem’s USO was cheap and deserving of an asterisk.
Now that we realize that Thiem beat a red hot Medvedev in straight sets last year and that Zverev is the real deal, his achievement does not look paltry. In fact, Thiem beat 3/4 USO SF this year (he also SS FAA) and took out Nole at WTF last year. The guy was in some great form.
Credit due!
Here's the problem.
As big 3 fade away, somebody is bound to take their place. Somebody is going to win a slam.
It doesn't make that "somebody" an ATG and this era a strong era in retrospect.
ppl always forget that these are nobodies as compared to Dull & Joker on rise.


His level throughout the tournament was actually pretty decent. Poor final overshadows the previous six rounds, sadly, but straight setting Medvedev was very impressive.

Still rate Medvedev’s win this year over Thiem’s.
Medvedev had much better performance in final but I’d say Thiem’s draw before final much harder than Medvedev’s. Both guys deserve full credit.