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    I just had a quick question regarding the take back on the forehand, how long and or loopy should one bring it back? I know it all depends on timing and such, but on a normal forehand should you bring it back high above your head and about how far back (ie, should the racket be brought all the way behind your body turn?) also, if the ball is low or high, should the backswing be the same or should it be at the height of the ball? thanks
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    What did Thoreau say (you know, from the high school reading list)?


    Yes, there are elaborate, roundhouse, windmill, baroque, backwings that look like some preparation to a polynesian dance. Some people hit like that and, maybe they do OK.

    I advise- don't do that.

    Simplify your stroke until it is the Bauhaus, form=function, minimal stroke that does the most for the least.

    How far is far enough? Take your forehand back with two hands as if you were going to hit a two-handed forehand. Where the racket stops is about as far as you need to take it back.

    Try the same thing with your backhand.

    Now, loosen up a bit and hit some balls. Keep your form nice and tight, eliminate all extraneous movement-- just so your stroke is SMOOTH, fast and powerful. A heavier racket may take more time to get moving up to speed, a lighter racket, somewhat less.

    Much of your power is going to come from the co-ordinated movement of you legs, abdominals, shoulders and arms focusing the mass of your body/racket through the ball.

    Good luck,

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    Bagumbawalla, excellent advice.

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