TiMo 17 first impressions

Discussion in 'Strings' started by Robert Jones, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Robert Jones

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Well I finally got around to putting TiMo in. I tend to string high 63-65 and seem to like dead racquets and stiff strings.

    I did not drop the tension 10% I strung at 60 which is 3 lbs lower than standard for me.

    I think it maybe the first time that I have ever thought that my racquet had too little power. The TiMo17s do add a ton a spin, almost too much. My serves where hitting the net because they were sucking down so hard from the extra spin. All my ground strokes were 8feet shorter than normal. My flat serves were slower and it did feel like a board.


    With 3 sets the strings loosened up and now they feel great. The power is back and the spin is great on serves. My arm is ok too.

    60lbs may have been a little high. Next time maybe start at 58lbs.

    It took 3 sets to break them, I figure its due to the tension loss. After the initial loss how long will these things stay at my preferred tension (current tension after 3 sets)?

    Sets 1-3 - Low power, stiff
    Sets 4-6 - better power, harshness gone, Feel good!
    Sets 7-? - Will the power go up more or down?

    Is the life of TiMos Dead/stiff at the start then power goes up and then dead/no power again?

    So far these strings give me the best bite and spin on the ball. And after the break in they don't feel all that stiff. They are still on the low end of the power scale vs other strings but thats a good thing for me.

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