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I'm a poly person, but I think I can benefit from multi. I needed poly for durability, but I don't need the durability now (better source of income). I put a full bed of Hexy Fiber at 60lbs (prestretched on 1 frame, not on another). I can't really remember what Hexy Fiber was like (in a full bed), other than in a hybrid 5 months ago.

I've put RIP control on my list...

So, what multis play like poly? If you have a hybrid suggestion, let me know (but preferable with at least one string being made by Dunlop). Tension suggestions are helpful. If this experiment doesn't get results I can always go back to poly.


Like poly, none. In-between poly and multi? Multis with a core. Tecnifibre XR3, Prince Premier Attack for example. EDIT: Or West Gut MT64. Hexy Fiber is a s-gut though, not sure about the pre-stretch but it stretches easily. RIP Control is a true multi, but firmer and not very powerful. Do not pre-stretch multis with a core though: useless, and kills the purpose.
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If you try RIP Control, try it in 17. Much softer than the 16. Prince Premier Attack is also a great option.


I play with poly most of the time and recently tested out a set of Dunlop DNA 16g at 61 in a Pure Storm GT and I liked it a lot. Good control, decent spin, and extremely comfortable. I did not need much of an adjustment period either.


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In addition to RIP Control and Premier Attack, take a look at Head FXP Tour. I have had nothing but positive response from players going from poly back to multi with this string, as well as multi players looking for more control.

Another string to consider, an extremely reasonably priced syn gut, is Genesis Blizzard. Not dissimilar to Premier Attack's feel -- definitely leans to the control side of things.


Since the question is what multis play like poly, I'll chime in and say Head RIP Control and Head Intellitour.