Tips for Finding a Good Coach?

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    Jun 3, 2010
    Playing in the Junior division some 8-9 years ago, I tried a few different coaches, but could never really find one whose coaching style meshed well with me. Seemed like the coaches I I had either just ran me around the court for 1 hour and collected their money, or tried to change my strokes altogether.

    As an example: let's take the service motion. Most of the coaches I had always tried to force and change my serve style to a more traditional, flowing motion (think Williams) as opposed to a disjointed service style motion (think Roddick), regardless of how effective it was.

    So my question to you: how do you find a good coach willing to work with what you have, instead of trying to change something that is so fundamental to the way you play?
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    Visit various clubs that are close to you and review the work of various coaches. I would recommend a Certified Coach with great track record of developing players at national and international levels. This site might help:

    Also, you may like to visit and read articles. Under each and every article you will find the contact details of the Coach who wrote it.

    Good luck.

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