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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Wilander Fan, May 21, 2010.

  1. Wilander Fan

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    Jan 26, 2010
    I have a very short toss. Videotaped myself and it seems much worse on the deuce side. The times I toss it higher, I get much better spin and pace but just a little higher than that and I am off by a mile. Service game has always been my weakest link. I have it now at a point where I can get it in consistently but I am basically only hitting slice serves that are sitting up. Good returners crush them back as they go right into the wheel house.

    I use an extreme eastern grip on serve as it helps alot with consistency but I might be able to get more pace on continental. In any case, any tips on how to improve the toss higher? I assume higher and a bit more forward will help quite a bit. I did find it helps quite a bit to point to the ball with the toss hand but I am gong to have to completely reset my natural timing now.
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    One word..... PRACTICE!
    If it was that easy, it'd be called KITESURFING!
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    Is the toss a mile off or the serve itself? Post that video if you can.

    If you really are using an extreme Eastern I can't imagine that you are pronating much (or at all). Better to go with a mild Eastern or semi-Continental if you are not comfortable with an actual Conti grip.
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    Are you tossing like the pros?

    Even it you move as sweetly as Wilander, having a good serve can really improve your game. And you are right that the serve will be a lot more consistant if you let a good toss lead you into a smooth transition to a powerful trophy position.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    Couple of things:

    (1) try to always use a continental grip. An eastern fh grip will inhibit pronation and spin, promoting a flat serve. Unless you're 6'6", a flat serve will either have a lot of pace and go long or into the net or it will be a patty cake and go in only to be eaten alive by your opponent

    (2) the height of the toss greatly affects the remainder of the serve stroke mechanics. Toss too low and you will tend to rush the delivery, not to mention lose the height that a proper stretch would give you. Toss too high and you might develop a hitch waiting for the ball to come down into range or, at any rate, you will have to hit a falling object.

    Try not to release the ball until your service arm has at least cleared the level of your shoulder. Consciously experiment with different toss heights until you find the one where your hitting arm is comfortably extended and you are able to hit down slightly on the ball (assuming you are of average male height)

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