Tips on improving and learning from mistakes?


I have my second tournament coming up this weekend and I am trying to learn from mistakes from my first. I only won 1/6 matches in my 1st one and nearly won 2. I got some volley practice from my cousins and now I think my volleys are much better than before so I may go ahead and try a little bit of serve & volley.

I always found that I was nervous sometimes and wasn't as comfortable and I would get a lot of frame shots and get some bad shots. I found that when I was in the courts near the back, I played more relaxed because there was only a few people watching. What do you guys recommend to help me improve and not lose composure when I'm playing?


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haha i have issues with people watching me too. When i play matches, especially the tougher ones, my friends and coach just leave me alone. When other people watch me, I just play my game and after a while I just calm down.

As for learning from mistakes, try to see them in game. If you recognize your mistakes and you fix it then, it's easier then waiting for the next match to change something
You have two separate issues, learning from mistakes and anxiety from people watching.

The first requires a plan. Immediately after each set, record in a little notebook what you feel you did wrong, and right. After the match, add to the list. This is juniors, the time for improvement over wins and loses.

The next day sit down and construct a plan to tackle your mistakes. If you missed key volleys from one side, for example, go to the practice court with some drills to work on that.

Most juniors can improve by simply having a plan to utilize court time rather than just hitting away.

Anxiety in front of people is a little tricky. Sometimes a few sessions with a sports psychologist is all you need. One trick is to pretend...act confident...walk confident....speak in a confident voice.....hit in warm ups with confidence. Simply pretend you feel confident even when you don't. Before you know it, you are more confident.

Good luck.