TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

So when does TR start updating again? I was under the impression that matches played after last year's cutoff would count for this year. Both of mine are still listed as NC.
Also, we are two weeks into the new season and no played matches are showing up yet.
I was wondering the same thing. I think they may have given up, although they haven't pulled the website down yet. Too bad there's no contact info and the domain is registered anonymously by proxy. I'd even offer to help them. Even if the ratings weren't that accurate, their site made scouting really easy.


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Their ratings have gotten more and more inaccurate over the years. For the Middle States 4.0 40+ mens team that went to nationals, they predicted there would be 1 bump. There were 8.
As long as they keep having advertisers on their site, they will stay up. If their visitor volume drops they will lose their advertisers. So, my guess is they will start updating soon .... it is helpful for scouting .... I am annoyed by having to use Tennislink right now ... way less friendly for scouting and creating lineups.

I will say, with no new ratings so far this season .... my teammates are way less stressed than when they saw their rating rise/drop on a weekly basis.
There are 2 sites calculating NTRP ratings currently and I am seeing different rating results for the same player. Which site's numbers do you think is more accurate?
A bunch of us looked at these in depth 2 weeks after year end rankings & TLS was a little more accurate. We went by which site predicted the most players actually getting bumped. TLS predicted 42% & TR 25%. I'm sure both will get you in the ballpark, but TLS did a better job predicting players getting bumped up & down than TR.