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Discussion in 'Strings' started by M Pillai, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. M Pillai

    M Pillai Rookie

    Nov 3, 2015
    I happend to try a few Toalson strings recently. I will post my reviews on those strings in this thread one by one when I get time.
  2. M Pillai

    M Pillai Rookie

    Nov 3, 2015
    Here is the first one:

    Toalson Rencon Devilspin 17g (Red/Black) co-poly strings Play Test


    • Tension(s) used for playtest 54lb mains x 52lb crosses

    • Racquet used for test Boris Becker Delta Core Melbourne (18x20)

    • Feel

      This is a unique string. I really like how this played during the whole playtest. The string has a biting effect on brushing strokes, due to its surface/edges, but at the same time have a really smooth snapback. It has that good feel similar to that of a fresh Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable, but keeps that same feel more or less for a longer period. The touch and feel of the string is good as well. Tried some drop shots, and touch slices and was accurate enough for my likings.

    • Power

      Ok these strings are a bit more powerful that for my liking. Had some issues because of it initially. But I am probably a bit more used to dead strings and swing out style, which might have to do with it. But after some adjustment period, I started to love the comparatively easier power than some other poly strings, especially when you have to flatten out a bit on some of those down the line shots to take time away.

    • Spin

      Did extremely well in this department. I was infact expecting it to do good because of the sharp edges and smooth snapback. And yes, it lived upto the expectaion. What it surprised me is how long it kept that same freshness, compared to some other top performers in this category. I would not rate this string higher than some other strings in spin category fresh out of the packages (for example Weiss Cannon Ultra cable), but it definitely extends the goodness.

    • Comfort

      I am so used to poly strings, and I find this string a bit more towards the softer poly. So very comfortable for a poly.

    • Durability

      Durability from a pure “breaking string” point, it is not a strong string. But from a practical durability point this is extremely good. Practical durability, for me means keeping the string qualities long, and keeping it playable long. I think it excels in this department for a poly string.

    • Control

      I had some issues at the beginning but after the adjustment period, the string gave me enough confidence, and once I started to swing confidently the control was excellent. The string will appear too powerful on flattened out swings, but know that the biting surface and extra spin will keep the ball in, as long as you brush the ball good. Essentially you just have to trust the string, and hit out as long as you are topspin player.

    • In general I think this is a great premium poly string, which does provide a good balance of power, spin and durability. I think this has a good chance of my next goto string. But I think the price a bit higher for frequest string breaking, regular Joe’s like me. The packaging itself was too flashy & premium, and I would be willing to buy non-packages string for a bit more lower cost. After some thought, I think I may still have to keep a bit more less expensive string as my regular string, and maybe keep Devil Spin as a string for some occations. But I am going to recommend this string to some of the folks whom I regularly string rackets, since some of them are willing to spend extra for better quality string.
    On top of this, in general I think it is still tough to get Toalson strings in USA. But I think they are making some progress in this, have a US rep now and a few shops now sell their strings.
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  3. PSC85

    PSC85 Semi-Pro

    May 3, 2013
    Try joker core. One of the softest poly I’ve hit with

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  4. nycoara

    nycoara Rookie

    Jan 27, 2005
    Lets try Toalson Profocus and HD Aster.
    Softer than Joker Core, and more power and spin potential and amazing tension maintain.

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  5. M Pillai

    M Pillai Rookie

    Nov 3, 2015
    Well.... I will try Joker Core/ HD Aster if I get chance. But what I have now are Profocus, T8 and Splagauge. Will do Profocus next, after I am done with another brand I am trying now.
  6. Tennis_Monk

    Tennis_Monk Hall of Fame

    Dec 1, 2005
    Has anyone used Toalson and tierone FireWire? How do they compared?
  7. mscream

    mscream Semi-Pro

    Jun 30, 2015
    Miami Beach, USA
    Interesting, I tried the same string (Devil Spin) and it was the stiffest string I have ever played with.
  8. M Pillai

    M Pillai Rookie

    Nov 3, 2015
    It is all a comparison. Once you try some strings like Wilson Revolve or Prince ProBlend Kevlar or even the Prince XC 15L you will put many other polys into lively string category. Also sometimes has to watchout for some other external variables, all strings are lively when playing against an opponent who provide a lot of free pace.
  9. stephenclown

    stephenclown Semi-Pro

    May 26, 2015
    Interested in how you found T8 as its sold in 100m sets for a decent price for a multi. Meant to have high durability which is also so hard to find these days with this type of string in a soft package.

    I find toalson interesting and always enjoyed JDM gear which it looks like it is, although they usually export products that do not have such tight QC. Golf is huge with JDM, completely different level of quality in the japanese market and same as table-tennis, butterfly products in japan are on a whole other level.

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