toe relief


Anyone experiencing toe pain? After a couple hours on court my toes feel and look bruized. I've tried differnt shoes. Same result.


Talk Tennis Guru
use Thorlo socks or 2 pairs of usual socks, use shoes which have enough space in the toebox (Wilson's normally are), and leave at least a 1/4 inch free at the top. you should be able to wiggle easily your toes there.


My toes get beat up with extensive sessions too. They get bruised and I get blisters. I second the idea of using two pairs of socks because it has helped me. In addition to extra padding, I think having the extra layer reduces the friction your toes have to endure. For specific problem areas, taping may help.


It depends on what part of your toes are getting bruised.

If the tips or tops of your toes are getting bruised, you need to move up 1/2 size to allow more toe room and then lace the shoes tight so as to prevent your feet from moving back and forth inside the shoes. Cushioned socks alone will not take care of the problem. Also, if you do not address this problem, you can lose some of your toe nails in the future.

If the sides of your toes, e.g. the outside of your big toe or little toe, are getting bruised, you need wider shoes. Go for 2E, 3E, or 4E (4E being the widest). New Balance carries all of these sizes. Some Wilsons also come in 3E.