Tokyo Olympics SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev


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Djokovic just randomly collapsed, that's the weird thing. Didn't look like he cared in the final set. Had to be an injury or heat exhaustion, surely?


GSM Zverev, really hope he wins the gold too. I'm kind of getting Murray vibes like should he go on and win the Olympic final, it might give him that extra little kick to maybe start winning slams?
Think so too.

Bit of an easier path for Z (plus no Bo5 in the final) but that took huge nerve.


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Well done Sascha. You have saved tennis and put yourself in the pantheon of Olympic heroes!

he said Sorry about that to novak ??????????????????????????? idiot loser mentality. How's going to beat novak with that attitude at the US open ???????


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And that folks is why I am scared of Zverev. This guy is a complete monster when he plays his best. He might get straight setted in the final, but when he has this once a year match ,he is the best of the tour.

I remember I think it was the madrid final Thiem had against him, Zverev was swatting Thiem's FH CC on his bh side. NO BODY DOES THAT. Not even Djokovic.

I dislike zverev so much. But the guy has the potential to dominate the tour. I am ABZ for life, but facts are facts.
Agree completely. Zverev's mentality and unreliable serve has hurt him. But his potensial is enormous, as showcased today. When he dials in his serve like that, he is "free" to attack the opponent's serve.


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3am out in Vegas but I’m sure Steffi is up and happy her countryman assumed the David Tyree role and stopped the GCYGS dream.

mr tonyz

Did anyone post in this thread around the time Djokovic was 3-2 up in the second? Edit your post to say "Zverev to win 16 of the next 17 games". You'll look like Nostradamus himself.
16 of the next 17 games from 2-3 down in the second?

Mmmhmmm , Nostradamus would be bitterly disappointed!

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Novak was pushing the ball to the middle of the court waiting for mistakes. It worked for a set and a game, then Zverev adopted. Any decent player would exploited Novak passivity. It was the same yesterday.


This is not the first time Novak totally lost his serve when playing important match. His serve was nowhere in 2nd and 3rd set. Zed played great, but It was all on Novak. It was obvious at the start of the 3rd that he is tight. 2 eqsy FH put out, and that was it.