Top-10 ranking charts for each season starting from 70's till now?

Does anyone know specific site, which tracks, which players were ranked top-10 throughout the season starting all the way from 1970 and until now (well i don't need to know, who is ranked top-10 now obviously and we can basically skip this entire decade, since i follow it closely anyway!) And i mrean literally "throughout" the entire season from EACH year separately, not just who finished the year ranked #1-10! For example sometimes there are situations, when some player wins some big tournament or a couple and enters top-10, but then completely falls off the radar and finish the year outside top-10! The results of such players, would still be considered successful, because of this particular breakthrough in his career, but the graph, that only tracks those, who finished the year inside top-10 won't let me know this at all! I want sites that tracks not only the end season top-10 ranking results, but that also tracks it on week-per-week, month-per-month basis! Does anyone know reliable source? Like i said, i am not interested in this decade at all, since i track it closely since like 2010 or something and i remember everyone (well most of them!) who were entering top-10! But everything beyond 2010 completely fell off my radar!
There is a complete week by week reconstruction of the computer ranking since 1968, following the ranking system introduced in 1973 by the ATP, by the poster Slasher. Its on a different tennis webside, which i cannot cite here. Laver has there 187 weeks at Nr. 1 at the begin of the open era. The webside Tennis Base has a ranking system before 1968 and also for the period 1968-1973. They have for Laver for instance 402 weeks at Nr. 1, 287 weeks without interruption.