Top Five Shoes Currently On Sale

ANOTHER barricade V!? i have never tried these, but i am about to order a pair based on this. i really expected to see asics, lottos, air oscillators...but ok, this is a democracy! keep em coming!
If you don't want to spend $100+ on the Barricade V, I suggest the B-II or even B-IV if you can find them. But honestly, the B-IV was my least favorite Barricade although they did hold up the longest for me.
Favorites in my current rotation:

1. Yonex SHT306's
2. Barricade V's
3. Nike Air Zoom Cross Trainers
4. KSwiss Ultra Ascendor SLT's (very little court time these days)

I'm probably going to try Prince T22's or OV1's to see if I can get performance plus good ventilation.
Well i just picked up a pair of the 08 roland garros edition of adidas cc feather lights for 40.00$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice work. I got the retro Adidas Feathers a few months back but couldn't say no when I saw these silver beauties for 90AUD at the factory outlet :D
Lets go with Wilson Wildcard 2's! They aren't as good as cages, but they have really grippy soles, are low to the ground, and don't wear out too fast. Problem is the heel part doesn't really cup your foot, so it feels almost slippery there