Top three tennis clubs

What are your choices for the top three tennis clubs and why?

1. Tennisport..,, Long Island city NY. Absolutely the greatest club ever built. First of all it is the most beautiful club to play at,,,,you play right on the water with the island of Manhattan as your backdrop. It has the most breathtaking views of Manhattan next to flying in a helicopter.

The amount of famous people and Tennis pro's that play there is staggering. I personally have met...Harrison Ford, Val Kilmer, John Mcenroe, Jim Courier, Monica Seles, Boris Becker.

The courts are incredible. There are about 30 of them...the outdoor courts are all hard-tru except for the one hard court that John Mcenroe built for himself...of course you are allowed to play on it. Indoor courts are red clay...but I have never seen red clay like this in my life. It feel like you are playing om that "rouge powder" women use for makeup.

You have pro's here who not only have played on the tour but who have also played at Wimbledon.

Check the club out at

2. The Phonecian...Located in Scottsdale Arizona. The weather is perfect, but more importantly you can play on any surface. Grass, hartru, or hard. These are the most beautiful courts I have ever seen.

3. USTA National Tennis Center ... I actually got to sneak into the old center court at Arthir Ashe stadium....Playing there was a real high. This place is reasonably priced and it is where the US open is held...need I say more.