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    Is there a site or someone here who can explain step by step (preferrably with pics) how to get a good topspin and slice?
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    The contact point varies depending on what grip you have but for good topspin you need to hit LOW to HIGH while still driving through the ball or else the ball will simply be brushed and won't have an distance on it.

    I'm still learning how to hit a good slice myself but have your racquet angled slightly upward. If your racquet its angled too upward you will know right away because the ball will have more of a floaty lob than a good slice hit. Its easier to do this with continental grip or eastern and definately no recomended for semi western and i question if you if you use it with full western. With slice you hit HIGH to LOW.

    This is very general but unless you give me more information about what grip you use then I don't know how to explain very well.

    BTW this information is for GROUNDSTROKES. Are you talking about serving or waht?
  3. 2002GT2

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    Thanks for the reply. I think I use a slight-western grip. My racquet is aimed like:

    *\ (the slash being the head of the racquet).

    I'd like to learn how to do a spin on both serve and ground stroke. Is a slice on groundstroke the same as backspin?

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