Topspin X 90 - Anyone played with it?


I just saw the Topspin X 90 racket on a website. The specs look interesting.

Anyone had a chance to play with it? How does it compare to other rackets in the same class, like the Prestige, Redondo, Black Ace, and other 18x20 mids sizes?



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If I remember correctly, it is a clone of the PC600. Again, IIRC, the mold is the prestige mid mold.


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Composition 100% Graphite
Head Size 90 sq. in./ 613 sq. cm.
Length 27 in/ 69 cm
Weight 11.6 oz/ 330 g
Balance 31 cm
Stiffness 62
Beam Width 19mm
Power Level Low
Swing Speed Fast
String Pattern 18 mains/ 20 crosses


Could not find the swingweight... but it seems from these specs that it would play close to my main frames... the PrestigeMid.
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Well, a clone of the Prestige? And at something like $140? Probably not a bad option, I suppose.

How does it feel when in play?
I believe the swingweight about 317-319g. it's more similar to Dunlop rather then Prestige. I actually did demo these rackets when I was applying for a sponsorship. I liked Fusion a bit better.


String Depot sent me a demo

Sweet stick. 1/4" longer than the MGPM and very nice balance, heft and feel.