Tough night for fans in 1978

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    Just read about this, don't know what the fans ended up seeing that night, anyone recall this?

    At the Masters in January 1978, these were the scheduled matches one night:

    Borg vs Gottfried
    Vilas vs Dibbs

    But both Borg & Vilas gave walkovers to their opponents! Both had already won their 1st 2 RR matches & decided to rest up for the semis. I guess the rules were a little different back then, curious about the prize money & ranking points situation for RR matches.

    Lendl got a lot of flack for tanking (to avoid playing Borg) his round robin match with Connors in '81, but the flaws in RR were exposed earlier than that.
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    ...and here are some more.

    in 1972, Gorman retired when he was gonna beat Stan Smith.That allowed the second not to play the big favourite, Nastase utnil the final.Since Gorman was injuried, he never cared much about facing Nasty at the SF round.

    in 1975, Borg lost to Vilas in order to avoid facing Nastase before the F.

    In 1980, Mc was whipped out by Clerc and Borg was whipped out by Mayer in the same night.Borg didn´t want to face Connors before the final...but that´s what he got, since Lendl also tanked blattantly his rr vs Connors, in order to meet G Mayer ( and not Borg) in the¡¡ that Masters in fact was a Master in Applied Mathematics.

    in 1981, Mc Enroe threw away his rr match vs Teltscher.But, he got Lendl as a semifinal dish, and got his ass kicked off.
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    Edit: post deleted, I had the wrong year in mind.
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