Tougher competition?

Toughest competitor?

  • Phillippousis in a wheelchair

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  • Zverev

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IMO The Predator

A supreme hunting machine, with advanced levels of stealth and weaponary. Ran the gauntlet and took out some of the toughest guys on the planet, reaching the final with Arnie, however falling short in the end to a clutch move from Dutch.

The Jungle Hunter IMO is superior to the City Hunter that we see in Predator 2, even though the city hunter has overall more weapons, he lacks the conviction the Jungle Hunter had, who IMO dealt with far tougher competition.


Also, is Phillippousis wheelchair bound or just using the wheelchair for the one match? Makes a big difference...


Hall of Fame
nadal, after five years of being a prisoner of conscience, who was forced to go on court the next day with a gun to his head (coz he regretted all these years that he had been watching djo winning all these slams, and he himself was deprived of such an opportunity and therefore vowed no longer stepping up on court at all costs), plus completely losing physical shape and being overweight