tour 90 & 6.0 95

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by 16, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. 16

    16 Rookie

    Feb 18, 2004
    can anyone compare these two for me. power, control, spin, feel, gstrokes, volley's, serves. Basically the advantages of one compared to the other. thanks
  2. ps 6.0

    ps 6.0 Rookie

    Feb 19, 2004
    I have both. I hate the tour 90. Then again i may be a little biased seeing as i grew with my 6.0 95. in what i found the power is a huge problem witht he tour 90. Control was great but still i was able to place the ball a lot better with the 6.0. Spin and feel are a lot better with the 6.0 it may be slightly pingy, but the 6.0 has great feel. Groundstrokes along with the sping aren't nearly as good as with my 6.0 there's the factor of power, reliability and over all comfort of the 6.0 is alot better. Serves, contrary to the review i love and still love it on the 6.0, in my opinion the tour 90 doesn't hold a candle to the 6.0. I love heavy sticks, but i didnt like the swingweight of the tour 90, that would defientely contribute to the fact that i wasnt so fond of the Tour 90. I gave the tour 90 a good 4 months for me to get used to, but in the end i ended up with my MP-Tour1 90 in triplicate. in my opinion, everything minus the slightly less responsive string bed is better in the MP Tour 1 90 compared to the Pro Staff Tour 90.
  3. jings

    jings Professional

    Feb 19, 2004
    Power, control, spin, feel, gstrokes, volley's, serves eh? Ok we'll give it a go. I'm a 4.0-5.0 player I guess, no idea as I've never had a ranking, but I hit it ok. Quick background, hit with 6.0 95 for many years but sought a new stick as I feared for 6.0 95's life and in playing more recently I began to seek a little more oomph from my stick but maintaining the great feel and control that 6.0 95 gives and didnt' find lead did the job with the 6.0. Hit with T90's about 6 months now. I hit flattish, with some top spin, with s/h off both wings. 70% S&V 1st serve, 30% S&V 2nd serve - genuine all court game.

    Power. Tour 90 by a country mile. This frame doesn't look macho out of the box but by jingoes does it give it a crack. I had used Bab Xcel in 6.0 at 58-60 and enjoyed it, but it felt boardy in T90. I'm now gut mains / alu rough cross at 60/56 and have all the power I want. I can now hit past opponents which I couldn't really do before with 6.0. I don't have a trouble with the sweetspot, which to my mind is higher in the string bed than normal prostaff feel. Really ploughs through the ball, and although you don't need to hit out with this stick for power, if you do you're handsomely rewarded.

    Control. Honours even here I'd say. 6.0 95 always feels in control and placement is straightforward. If anything I hit slightly sharper angles with T90, but this may be because taking the ball a shade early helps with T90 and that's having a benefit in placement. No real difference IMO.

    Spin. Have to go with T90 here. I'm not a great top spinner, generally a flatter type of ball. T90 gets the nod because of the b/h slice. Just eats the ball on contact and I'm getting some crazy deep back and side spin with this frame now. Slince b/h more of a weapon now than before.

    Feel. Again not a lot in it but I'd have to say I feel a little more flex in the T90 than 6.0. 6.0 is a classic sort of feel and definitely something a little odd about the T90 to begin with. Hitting with 6.0 just this week in fact for a change and it felt stiffer than the T90. Forgiveness not a big issue for me with T90 but I do miss-hit a tad more with T90. I do hit a heavier ball with T90 though, it just has more all round heft than 6.0.

    Groundstrokes. 6.0 are kind of effortless with the racquet stable, accurate and good weight. T90 much the same but imo gets through the ball a little better - you do need to prep a little earlier with T90 though and the stick benefits from getting the ball out in front of you.

    Volleys. Volley well and the T90 hammers them, but miss-hit and you are in trouble. When you get it right you don't feel the volley out of the T90, just watch it fall where you aimed it. 6.0 though probably a more consistent stick - slightly easier to hit and a hair easier to get into position. 6.0 just shades volleys overall.

    Serve. The additional power on groundies for T90 re-appears here. I haven't timed my serve with T90 yet but it is noticeably faster and regulalry jam guys on return where before with 6.0 they would have been able to have a go. I would say I've lost nothing in accuracy and spin which are good off the 6.0.

    Finally. Don't want this to be a T90 testimonial as I love my 6.0's and still give them a swing every so often. It has taken me a while to get inside the T90's head but now I'm there I get very excited about using it. No question it's helped my game as I've been able to bring in some power but don't feel I've lost any control. BUT I have had to get my shot mechanics sharper to get the frame in the right place so that it delivers for me. Try the T90 if you haven't but give it time. I also highly recommend gut in this - I went hybrid as all gut had me off the power scale I was looking for.
  4. lendl lives

    lendl lives Semi-Pro

    Feb 23, 2004
    i'm trying out the tour 90. i'm not sure why people string it so low. the rec st is 50-60lbs. i have one that is strung at 59- its not mine. feels like it would play better at 65-70.

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