Tour 90 vs HPS 6.0 95

Hit 'em clean

After playing with the HPS 6.0 95 for over a year and finding my holy grail... I decided to finally try the Tour 90 for s@*ts and giggles. Also with the price dropping on the Tour 90 and the HPS stick starting to feel lighter to me... the voices in my head started getting louder.

The Tour 90 didn't feel so heavy to me, but it does take a little bit to get it going. When I was on the run and had to make a quick stab or adjustment to the ball... results were not good. I found myself late and having a hard time getting my timing right for consistent shot depth and control. Everything people have said about this stick is true.... great feel, decent power for players racquet, good spin, penalizes late preparation. I really liked the heavy weight shots I could hit off the ground and with the serve and volleys felt great. Problem is I'd have to really work hard to get comfortable with it. It's a great racquet and the ncode with the shaved weight might be a really nice alternative.

The HPS is a lighter version in my opinion with similar feel in a stiffer frame. I'm now thinking of adding weight to my HPS to bring the balance to 9pts HL and get another possibly half ounce on it. Maybe I can find the best of both worlds. The bigger sweetspot, extra power, and yes... more spin I get out of the HPS means that it's still tops. I still have more variety of shot from heavy rolling angles shots to flat drives to looping deep rollers off the ground than I've ever had with any racquet. A little extra weight might give me some more mph on the serve.

I'm glad I snapped up the last of the HPS sticks when I did...