Tourna 700 ES Vs Alpha Ghost 2


New to the forum wanted to get the experts weigh in on pros and cons of a Tourna 700 ES when compared to the Alpha Ghost 2, among other features, I do want to be able to occasionally carry the machine to tournaments as well..I understand Tourna advertises the 700-ES to be such a machine.

Another question, is where can we find the best rates -- should I look for some local suppliers (I am in the northeast, NYC/NJ area) or tennis machine pros? or **************/warehouse/*******/********? any input is greatly appreciated.

I was looking for review of Tourna 700ES. Very new machine. Not much out there. I would prefer Tourna machine over Ghost II because of the clamp base. Again it is not industry proven yet but looks appealing to me.


I didn't know the 700 & 800 CS machines existed. They are pretty good looking and something to be considered. There are those on the boards who would jump on them simply because they have a TIMER function so they can get an accurate reading on just how fast they can string. @struggle


The Tourna machine looks slick. I think I saw the Tourna 700 has a manual table lock vs. the Ghost 2. I am not sure if I read that properly and what you guys think of criticality of that feature but I find it handy for the ported racquets.