Tourna leather Grip


Has anyone on here used the Tourna leather grip? If so then how thick does it feel compared to other leather grips?

I have been using Wilson leather on my grip 3 K6.1 18x20s but it has left the grip half a size smaller. I have been using gamma hi tech grips recently get the desired grip size, but I’d ideally use a thicker leather grip.
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The Tourna leather is a nice grip but the thickness is going to be very similar to the Wilson leather grip and if anything may be even thinner. Check out the Gamma leather grip. Of the half dozen leather grips I've tried, it felt the thickest to me.


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Apologies for reviving this old thread, but unless I'm mistaken, the Tourna leather grip is not referenced in the execellent thread linked to above. Does anyone know the specs of this grip? It's the first leather grip I've tried, and wouldn't mind something thinner-feeling, with more bevel definition. I play with an overgrip.