Tourna Premium Poly.


Yes... it is cheap and plays as such. I had a reel of the 17G and strung it low 48/46 and it is ok. I would try out some of the Pros Pro string over this stuff and I am a known Tourna String lover. The IsoSpeed Baseline Series is pretty much the best buy on TW.. and it is Head Sonic Pro.. (OEM)

BTW... one of only strings that gave me arm discomfort... in my 40 plus years of playing..

I sent a set or two to the JOLY man for testing.. maybe he can add.. some insights..
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When it comes to price it cannot be beat. But lets give it praise and knock it for what it deserves.

Great Feel: I think the cause of this is that the gauges aren't labeled consistently compared to other strings. 17 gauge is really 17l, so everything is a little smaller than it should be.
Very Cheap: ehh, no need to discuss this.
Pocketing: Ever punched an old mattress? Kinda like that, it doesn't hurt. In fact you're more worried about the mattress than anything else. Good Pocketing. This is almost a con.

Cons(Oh Boy)
Tension maintenance: 2 Hours, if the strings don't break first.
Spin: Surely you jest, this is a simple bare bones poly. Friction and notching eat this stuff up.
Stringing: I imagine this is what stringing a spaghetti noodle feels like. It's tame, and glides nicely as you weave, and then BAM, tensioning the string put a little to much friction on the string and your tugging your mane over lost time.


Power: It's Poly, low powered like the rest. Nothing to see here.
Control: This string doesn't really lend itself to control. More than a synthetic gut, for a little longer sure, but then again you can put spin on synthetic gut and it's a more worthwhile experience than this is.

So in conclusion, make sure you have your own stringer before you buy this stuff. You're more than likely gonna have to string after every 1-2 hittiing sessions. If you're not hitting topspin this might last the normal life of your typical string.


If you're cheap. You'll definitely like the price on Pro's Pro.

I would recommend either Concept or Blackout. If you look for the "depot" site based in UK, those are the best deals I have found


Yeah, I bought a reel of Intense Heat. It's been good. Nice and soft. But I guess what I'm really looking for is something to replace my beloved Volkl V-Pro.


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to each there own, just like relationships, there is a string for everyone out there. i found the string had very high tension loss and there is something about tournament strings they just doesn't do it for me.
out of the pack, if you forced me to play with one tounra, on my end it would be black zone. best in the pack for play-ability and tension maintenance. But in about 8 hours it looses it magic, dynamic tension is ok (on my ERT'S) ...just feels much different, not as crispy .. again..this is on my whatever floats you boats.,finding those good boats that floats is your goal...have fun all..
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When I first started trying polys I had settled on BHSR as my favorite, and bought a some Pro's Pro Nano Vendetta to try as a cross to get even cheaper. After trying it in a full bed I haven't been back. I prefer to string cheap and string often rather than try to get my money's worth out of an expensive set of strings.