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Last 52 weeks Grand Slam:

best participation rate US Open 97.8%
worst participation rate French Open 89.8% (-8.2%)

Last 52 weeks Masters 1000:

best participation rate Madrid 89.9%
worst participation rate Shanghai/MonteCarlo 76.6% (-14.8%)

Last 52 weeks ATP 500:

best participation rate Barcelona 52.9%
worst participation rate Rio de Janeiro 21.6% (-59.2%)

Last 52 weeks ATP 250

best participation rate Doha 37.4%
worst participation rate Newport 7.9% (-78.9%)

I don't understand why some tournaments are in the same category among 250 and 500 given their differences in the participation field. Do you know a good reason for this?

Lew II

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Irony is effective if you can establish that what he is saying is incorrect/unreasonable/absurd etc. If he is right, and you are going for irony, guess what?

For example, he used irony towards your OP by including Barcelona/MC at the very bottom as a response to yet another inane set of stats. That is the correct use of irony.

Thanks, but I think I can use irony.


Category of tournaments:

Tier A:
Grand Slams

Tier B:
ATP finals/Olympics

Tier C:
Masters 1000

Tier D:
ATP 500

Tier E:
ATP 250


The Olympics used to be between ATP finals and an M1000 (officially between M1000 and M500), but since they were demoted and do not award points anymore their importance took a hit, so now they are at M1000 level at best.

Due to country participation limitations, demoted ATP points, and absolute historical insignificance it is doubtful they are even at M1000. Perhaps like a really bad Monte Carlo. Although, to be honest, some players now do consider them important.