Tournament nylon crosses?


Does anyone use it for hybrid?
Every time a handle my kid's racquet I'm amazed how smooth and slippery is the Wilson nylon. Looks like a good cross for gut or multi to enhance snapback. Anyone?


I've used Wilson Extreme Pro Syn Gut as a cross. It is indeed quite slippery, does not notch, lasts a long time. In a word, works well as a cross. By itself, it was not much of a string -- stiff and low powered, but in a hybrid it is great.

I do not know about using it with a multi -- it is too stiff for that. You feel mostly its stiffness, and very little of the multi. Its stiffness is comparable to soft polys, which is why I think it works well in hybrids with poly.


I've just finished an entire reel of Prince Tournament Nylon, so about 35 string jobs (crosses only, all with poly mains). It seems less responsive than synthetic gut, which I liked, but others might not. I find synthetic gut to have slightly more pop, and tournament nylon to be more consistent around the stringbed, with less of a "hot spot", which was why I personally preferred it to most synthetic guts.

Overall, I was pleased, but most tournament nylon is 15 gauge, so it's pretty thick and lacking a bit of feel. I wouldn't think it would complement the gut or multi mains for this reason.

I will say that I did notice less string movement with tournament nylon than synthetic gut, so your premise might have a little something to it, but despite this, I saw no increased spin as a result.


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i use forten. 17 bucks for a ton of stringjobs. cant beat that with a stick, or a racket. its really not bad, people just stick their nose up at it cause a reel cost the same as a pack of nxt


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+1 for Forten comp nylon. I use it as a cross with poly mains. It compares pretty well to an average synth gut and can't beat the price. Durability/tension maintenance not an issue (I'm just going to be cutting it out soon anyway when the poly goes dead), doesn't play as crisp as the better synthetic guts but isn't completely mushy like forten sweet 16.


+2 on the Forten Comp Nylon. Works well for my hybrid in that it is soft, durable and consistent let alone it is very inexpensive.


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I'll try Tournament Nylon 15L as a cross with Black widow 17. Something tells me it's gonna be sweet. the good part is with this nylon, you can string very low and it's still playable (and comfy), cause it's low-powered.


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I've used Leona66 or PrinceTNylon in 15 gauge from '80 thru 2009.
Now I use Ice17, LuxBBLite16, or SolincoTBite16.
I play worst now, but might be smarter. I definetely run slower, hit weaker.
String makes little difference, except upstairs.
You do have to hit with stronger players and hit harder with thicker strings.


I used Prince Tournament poly w/ Prince Tournament nylon. Poly mains, nylon crosses. Alright I guess. Not as good as TB mains, Vanquish crosses. Price is the only upside. I'm looking for a good cross for 4G though...