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  1. Topaz

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    Jun 18, 2005
    I'm participating in a local charity tournament this weekend. I entered in both 3.0 singles and 3.0 doubles with my partner Donna (she and I were finalist last year).

    I had my singles match today at 1:30, but because my opponent and I were both there early, they were actually able to put us on at 1pm. And we left the court at...3:30. Yup, 2 and a half hours. Outside. And...I lost!!! :( 7-6, 3-6, 7-10 (third set tiebreaker). Again, this was yet another match that I lost on a huge number of errors. I'd go from hitting a beatiful shot that kisses the line to hitting the next three balls out. I also really struggled with the conditions...this was the first time I'd played outside this year. The sun was right where both of us tossed the ball, and I literally was swinging blind from one side of the court. I was very disappointed in how I played the match in general as well. I don't know if I was spooked by being outside, but I just wasn't going for my shots. And when I would...error. Ugh! Maybe I'm just not a singles player!!!

    Next up was a doubles match. Because only four teams signed up, we are doing round robins. Our opponents were my singles opponent and her partner. My partner and I got down a break in each set, but we were able to come back each time, and won the match 6-4, 6-4. I really credit my partner with getting me through that match...I just wasn't there mentally or physically. I was angry at myself still because of the singles loss, when I need to find a way to just put that aside and focus on the task at hand.

    We had a two hour break before another doubles match (this one indoors at the club that sponsors the tournament...we move indoor because this is also when the player party is held). We went out for some dinner and I started to feel a bit perkier.

    Our opponents for the last match were surprising. One girl had just an amazing serve...definitely not a 3.0 serve! I wiffed on it twice because it actually had that much spin on it. I'm not used to seeing that! However, breaking that server actually got us the first set at 7-5. Next set I made a conscious effort to get my butt into net more...that is where I'm strongest. We continued to break their strongest server, and won the second set 6-2.

    We have one more match tomorrow, and if we win it, we will win the 3.0 doubles. One of our opponents has to play the singles final at 9am, so we're hoping that will actually give us a bit of an advantage. Either way, it will be tough!

    I'll update tomorrow!
  2. Voltron

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    Sep 18, 2006
    Pffft, like I'd know
    Great job winning the doubles matches. The singles match, well, at least you made it close even though you weren't playing well. Good luck tomorrow.
  3. Topaz

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    Jun 18, 2005
    Today was our final doubles match. Our fate rested in our own hands. If we won, we win the round robin. If we lost, we had to wait for the outcome of one more match.

    We got off to a great start, and took the first set strongly at 6-3. The other team adjusted really well, and became quite aggressive at the net. They won the second set, 6-3. That brought it to another 10 point tiebreak. Again, we got off to a strong start, up 5-2, and then we dropped serve. We never got it together after that, and ending up losing the tiebreak 10-7.

    We go back to report the scores, and we were still under the impression that the final match in the round robin was going to be played. The round robin was actually behind because a match that was supposed to happen Saturday night didn't get played because a player had a conflict. Well, it turns out one of the women couldn't stay and play the final match, and their opponents didn't want to play the match later in the week.

    So, what to do? How to figure out the winner? It was suggested that we take the head to head of the two best teams, which would have meant me and my partner were finalists, but not the champions. It was also suggested that, since not everyone played three matches, to take everyone's best two and add up the games. In that scenario, my partner and I come out ahead by a large margin (because we won the other two matches in straight sets, and the other team's wins were both in tiebreaks). Our one opponent (the only one who was left...she and I stuck around but our partners left) wouldn't take the win under the head to head scenario, because she was the player that had the conflict on Saturday night. She felt like my team was getting penalized because we played all of our matches. She was the one who suggested adding up the games of the two winning matches for each I brought home a champion's vase today. Even though it felt really wierd. On one side, I feel it is 'tainted' because their team beat ours, and on the other, we were clearly the dominate team in the round robin. Eh, it was for charity, so the organizers actually gave me and Sherry (my one opponent who is also a good friend of mine) the board with the scores and told us to figure it out!

    What would you guys have done?

    Also, I'm a bit upset with my partner. I felt I played a solid match today. Very few doubles faults, and strong volleys. At one point she was out wide, got the ball back, and they volleyed it hard down the center. I was there, but not in time...and she gestured to the middle of the court and said my if saying, 'where were you'. I also felt like she put a lot of pressure on both of us...saying 'we have to win this one' or 'we're getting flat'. Flat? I wasn't flat. However, she had a *horrible* day at the net. And the other team capitalized on it. They just kept pegging her at the net, and she couldn't get anything over. I could see from my position that she wasn't bending her knees and moving to the ball at all. She is also very intense when we play, and will not talk to the other people on changeovers at all. I don't know, it is hard to explain, but I just felt like she dragged me down and was just so negative. It wasn't fun. She was so h*ll bent on winning, that exactly the opposite happened. I think I need to chalk it up to different playing styles, and accept that we just don't click as doubles partners. Honestly, I have no desire to play with her again. I tried my best, put in four good matches this weekend, and that's that.

    Thoughts? Comments?
  4. lovin'it

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    Oct 21, 2006
    that is the hard thing about playing doubles, not only do your playing styles have to match (net person, closer/back board, baseliner), but your personalities do too. It is hard to find someone that you can really work well with. Negative is no fun, and, although I may appear to not be driven to win, I try to be nice and somewhat friendly. It helps my nerves to at least appear relaxed. But, I plan to win. Some interpret that as casual, and sometimes I may need to be more focused. But it is tough when one person thinks their way of being is right and yours is is just different. Some on my team say 'I can't play with her, she is too negative" or too talkative, or too intense, or whatever. It just adds an element to the game that, in my opinion, doesn't need to be there. (I guess that is why I rotate partners alot, I can carry on a baseline rally although I prefer the net, I can play duece although I prefer ad. Many can't be flexible.) I do think it is important, as a teammate of mine pointed out during practice to a new partner who continued to 'correct' her on the court, that if she does that on match day, that she would crumble. But how DOES one be constructive during a game about lapses they see in their partner, like when your name was said as to where you were when the ball went down the middle and your partner was pulled wide (sorry, it was yours, but if we were always in the right spot we wouldn't be 3.0 :D ). There has got to be a way, we can't be super sensitive to this, but there has to be a right way to say it. I recently played with the league b**ch, who told me to switch, I did, and she was slow in getting to her spot, she said, because she didn't know if I would switch...duh, her ball and it is my continues, later I am pulled up and over and am moving in on a ball into her 'side', I call switch, she doesn't, I struggle to get the next ball calling switch again, she is in my way and I am continuing on this net rally, then they hit to the open court which I had asked her twice to switch to, I had to laugh, and after the point was lost (just social stuff) said 'what do I have to do to get you to switch? in a laughing tone...we laughed, but she is just one of those that any point missed is somehow not her fault...wouldn't be surprised if she blames a double fault on me being in her way at the net and she didn't want to hit me. Some of it, you just have to be amused at(to yourself), and make the mental note to not play seriously with them...some of it, we ALL have to be less sensitive about, and some of it is knowing how to say it nicely. Like, "we" have got to keep the ball deeper and away from their net girl, and opposed to "you"...they should get the hint and appreciate your candor.

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