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    Hey guys,

    Im curious if anyone knows of any free software or good methods for setting up draws for a tennis tournament? Something that will handle scheduling based on open courts, tournament operating hours, and account for two divisions of both singles and doubles.

    Im about to set up the brackets for a tournament here in Kansas City which I am directing for the parks department. I've found some software and come up with some crude (basic online software, Excel, etc...) ways to do this, but before I go ahead with it I figured I'd see if anyone knew of anything or had suggestions.

    Is there any way to use USTA software without hosting a sanctioned event?

  2. ksteph

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    May 18, 2009
    You can use USTA software for non-sanctioned events. I used it last month for a tournament a ran in MD.

    There is software called Tournament Scheduler 2005. I haven't used it but I know someone who has and like it a lot.
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    Try this site:

    http://www. global tennis network .com

    They do it online and free.
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