Tournament victory numbers for the past greats - does anybody have conclusive figures

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  1. For example, Bill Tilden is stated to have won 138 (of 192 - a ridiculous conversion rate) of tournaments in which he entered during his amateur career. Yet, on his wiki page, no further details are given as to how many further tournaments he won after turning pro.

    Does anyone here have a reasonably accurate and reliable list for overall tournament victories for all the greats of the game? Borg is listed with what, 60 or so tournament wins? But, if you add his WCT titles to that figure, I recall hearing that the figure suddenly jumps to more than 100.

    We know that Roger has 75, that Sampras has 64, that Nadal has 50, but what about all the others?

    I would love to see an attempt at drawing up a list of players' rank by tournament victories which is as accurate and reputable as possible. Can you guys help?
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    I have some reliable stats on Laver, because i made the original wikipedia list on the basis of Michel Sutter and Joe McCauley, to which Jeffrey Neave, Carlo Colussi and Andrew Tas made important additions. A full list with all tournament and locations per year is published in the 2009 edition of The Education of a Tennis Player, New Chapter Press by Laver/ Collins, p.260-62. It includes 196 tournament victories overall, 52 in amateur period, 68 in pro period, and 76 in open period. Now some new findings, including one event in 1968 in Florida, found by Timnz, can be added, in the moment the tally stands at 200 wins. I think, Bobby One knows better about Rosewall and Gonzalez.
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    On this page
    you can find the 2012 ATP Tour media guide. On the page marked 188, it gives an updated (as of Jan. 1, 2012) list based on number of career titles (Open-era only). On pages marked 243-254, it actually lists which specific tournaments every ATP Tour winner has won.

    Note that this only covers officially sanctioned Open-era tournaments. But it may be a useful resource for modern players.

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    Nathaniel, you raised an important question. I will try to help.
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    Jul 15, 2012
    Here my list of the ten best players in tournament play:

    1 Laver 200
    2 Tilden 161
    3 Connors 149
    4 Drobny 148
    5 Lendl 146
    6 Rosewall 137
    7 Gonzalez 121
    8 Emerson 119
    9 Wilding 113
    10 Borg 106 (5 are doubtful)

    timnz, I would be curious to learn details about that Florida, 1968 event.
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    Laver's extra event

    It actually was Tennessee not Florida

    Since posting that I added it to the Wikipedia article for Laver - hence it currently now stands at 200.
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    Thanks for explaining. I had thought that it is an additional event after finding Nasheville 1968.

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