Tournaments In New Jersey? ..and Advice

Discussion in 'Junior League & Tournament Talk' started by rbowser, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Aug 9, 2006
    Any simple USTA tournaments in New Jersey? *not national, but sectionals, etc., for points. I just need to be informed. My cousin is about the same age as me, and we both play tennis. He's better than me by where you could tell the difference. o_O" Anyway, he's 14, turning 15 in November. Basically, he takes lessons at a local club and the pro thinks he's decent. He has a pretty consistent serve, a nice forehand, and an okay one handed backhand. His drops shots are lethal and he likes to switch it up; doing drop shots, switching spins, (excepts on serves, his second serve is not as developed), strong forehand approach shots, rushing the net, baseline, w/e. He just tenses up a lot and makes errors. He's looking for a tournament to play in for the first time; but is no sure considers you need about 50-100 dollars. How well do top 14 year olds play? Or 16 year olds, which I know the best are almost pro-like. I know it's not detailed enough, what should I tell him. (I'm the research guy =D) ?? What age group should he try to compete in? Should hbe even try? (saying that he can do what I said above) He uses an APD btw. Thanks.
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    Mar 11, 2007
    wha part of nj which section are you from? middle states or eastern? wats urname?

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