Tournaments in others sports,areas..


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I would love to see ATP organize tournaments in other stuff other then tennis.

Ofc. ALL money will go to charity.

I'm talking about chess,pool,basketball(1 on 1),or even quizz of knowledge in general. Table tennis, even football matches, 5 vs 5 by nations.

Somehow I think Big 3 wouldn't want to attend, because possible losses would may harm their huge egos.


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Kyrgios would be basketball best.

Wilander is gotta be best chess player.

Federer, I think us best shor for general knowledge.

Nadal would probably eat any left player in hand to hand combat.

Spain can put best football team. Rafa,Ferrer,Dasco...

Djoker would get award for best dancer.

I have no idea who is best table tennis player..

Murray would be best dressed player