Towel grip?


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I know this is uncommon, but I see a lot of badminton players apply towel grips on their racquets

i bet it feels pretty cool, has anyone tried this?


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my friend does this with hockey and recommended me to try it for tennis, but he doesnt play tennis haha.
it looks like a good idea, but you have to remember that with badminton theres pretty much no force from the shuttlecock compared to a tennis ball, theres no risk of the racket spinning in their palms as they make contact etc


The towel grip will feel like a sanding block in your hand once you mishit and the racquet twists in winter (especially when you have dry hands). Not to mention the smell after soaking sweat and drying.


Lol towel grip that reminds me of some volunteering I did once this year when a girl showed up with one of those strong bandage wrap things wrapped around her grip (looked like towel) and said she couldn't find overgrip anywhere so that's what she did with it. I guess it can work fine if you're comfortable with it. I'm sticking to regular overgrip though...