TRADE: (3) dunlop maxply mcenroe (graphite) for (3) volkl PB10 mid or organix 10

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by lgbalfa, Feb 17, 2012.

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    May 14, 2004
    new york, ny
    looking to trade my (3) dunlop maxply mcenroe (graphite) racquets.

    grip size: 4 1/4

    weight was added to the handle (trap door) that can easily be reversed.

    all 3 racquets are about 7/10. frames are structurally sound with no cracks, dents, etc. just normal scrapes and wear and tear.

    2 of the racquets just had the bumper guards / grommets replaced last week.

    included would be an additional bumper guard / grommet for the third racquet.

    all three racquets feature a leather grip from tennis warehouse.

    all three racquets were just recently strung last week.

    racquet 1: tecnifibre NRG2, 17g - #54
    racquet 2: tecnifibre NRG2, 17g - #54
    racquet 3: laserfiber lasertour 17g - #54

    i love these racquets and at this time i am not interested in selling them.

    i would only trade them for:

    3 of the same racquets (4 1/4)

    volkl power bridge 10 mid
    volkl organix 10

    please send me an e-mail through the TW site if you are interested in a trade.


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