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    Mar 27, 2008
    I'm in the top 40 in my USTA section, but I live in an area with no programs for juniors or other juniors to hit with. I call and play matches and hit with 4.5 and 5.0 adults. I try to play 2-3 matches a week and hit 2 days a week or so. I play about one tournament a month where I usually get at a few matches in. So I'm playing 7-12 hours a week, depending on homework. My goal is to play college tennis wherever I fit best.

    First question: I'm nearly 17 and I want to know how many matches a week I should try to play. I've had some injury issues in the past (wrist and tendonitis in my knee), so I don't want to overdo it, but I want to maximize my development with the time I have away from school.

    Second question: I have a tournament this weekend. How many matches should I try to play this week. I'm thinking every other day and take off the day before?

    Don't really have a knowledgeable coach in my area, so I'd appreciate as much feedback as possible. Thanks in advance.

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    Im 17 right now and play every day and play matches every day against quality juniors, college players, and my coach. It really sucks not having alot of younger guys to hit with but Im sure you can make it work just fine, since uv had injury problems Id say play around 4 matches a week and get on court 5 times a week. The week before I play a tourny, I play matches every day (dont need to go ALL OUT in practice matches) except the day before when I just go out for a light hit.
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    First, you probably need to think more in terms of sets, opposed to matches.
    4-6 sets the week of a match should be good,
    with just one set 2 days before and none the day before (don't want to leave your best tennis on the practice courts). Those last 2 days it's better to have some light workouts focused on getting confidence in your patterns and a nice rhythm to the shots you expect to employ.

    I'd put in the harder workload the week before the week of the tournament. This gives time for a good recovery and a chance to fine tune the details during the week of the event. You want to have a full tank going in, as if you play 4-5 rounds, you will need that little extra.
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