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    Aug 20, 2011
    Just wanted to share this:

    I have a High Sierra 29" Compass like this:

    I have this bag and have used it to travel with tennis rackets. I went to Hong Kong last week and took 2 rackets in this bag, along with clothes/items I needed. The rackets (even extended length rackets), fit in either pocket, but in the main pocket they are better protected because of the bags semi-rigid frame.

    It of course varies by airline, but I found that if I take the small backpack off the outside of the main large bag, and don't put too much in it (meaning, don't stuff it full) so it can stay fairly flat, I can carry this bag on the airplane. It's the only way I have to fly with rackets that doesn't involve putting them in a huge suitcase that has to be checked. So, in a way, I think of it as a racket bag that is shaped like a normal bag and as comfortable as a hiking backpack.

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