Tretorn MicroX balls: Are they worth?


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I am looking for some feedback on the Tretorn MicroX pressureless balls. They are quite expensive. Are they worth for ball machine practice? Are they harsh on the arm?

Anyone had good/bad experience with these balls? Do you recommend them?

Bottle Rocket

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I hit with some a couple weeks ago, they were almost new. The guy I was hitting with bought them for his ball machine and took them out for us to play singles. After the first hit, I knew they were pressureless balls and told him it wasn't going to happen. I opened a can of Penn's.

They are just as heavy, stiff, and dead feeling as any other pressureless ball I have ever hit with.

What I don't doubt is the increased durability, specifically the felt. They are extremely durable.

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I bought the Tretorn Micro X balls for practice purposes. I typically load them up in a hopper and utilize the Tretorns for drills and/or serve practices.
I do recall that they were a bit hard initially but become quite comfortable after a couple days' use; once worked in, they feel a smidgen harder than normal pressurized balls but bounce characteristics remain quite similar. Price is high but I don't think there is anything else on the market with similar quality and durability. Very sensible purchase if you plan on using it for practice purposes only.


yeah imo they are totally worth it
if you have your own ball machine, pressureless balls are a must have
ball machines just tear through regular tennis balls too fast, then you start to get all kindsa funky distances/speed and no consistency with your machine
the micros are still much harder then a regular tennis ball, but are softer then the regular ones, ie Gamma press.(which are like a rock)


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I bought a couple hundred of the Micro X's for my tennis machine and I am very glad I made the investment. These balls are simply perfect for this purpose. Funny thing is when playing with my friends I no longer prefer to use Slazenger's (which I always have used in matches) but instead prefer to now use the Micro X's. I think a really good quality string helps to reduce the heavy stiffness (often complained) about the Micro X's. I use Wilson K-Gut Pro.


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The MicroX balls set the standard when it comes to ball machine applications. I don't think you can find better balls that last as long and still perform well on ball machines like the MicroX. Yeah, they're a little harder than normal balls, but not so bad that will stop you from using them or anything. You'll get used to them. In the long run, they won't be very expensive for you because they can last 2 or 3 times normal balls in a ball machine easily.


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so how much are they? in bulk or by can or by like dozen cans or whatever.

for 48 gamma pressureless = $30.

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pressureless balls

I do not like the Tretorn micro x balls. I have used Gamma in practice and they are marginal. The Micro X are just a bit above that. They are not fun to hit with. I know of no pressureless ball that is fun to use.


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It seems that most people had positive experiences with Tretorn, at least in ball machines. I think I will go with a bucket or two of MicroX for next spring. They sell for about $130/90balls if I remember well. So here goes another $260.


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what's the difference between pressureless tennis balls than the regular tennis balls? can someone elaborate? I have never used pressureless ones before. thanks!


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Like the name implies, the inside of regular balls are pressurized air, which gives it the bounce. Over time, the air escapes through the rubber shell and the ball loses bounce.

Pressureless balls have no pressurized air inside of them. Instead, they get their bounce from a specially made rubber shell designed to give bounce. The MicroX pressureless balls have 700 millions air filled microcells inside that help with the bounce. Because they don't need pressurized air for the bounce, they don't lose their bounce over time like the regular balls.