Trouble Finish Out the Game, or Set, or Match.



Need some advise here, how to finish it out.

It happen lately alot. When I am up 40-15, or 40-0 or leading 5-4 and serving the set. I begin to get tenative and get nervous and usually end up lose the game or the set. I keep telling myself to be lossen up and not tight it up but end up very tenative and tight in which i tend to hit weaker shot and overhit them too much...

What need to be done to overcome this. It a mental thing!!!! I know it effecting my match play since it lose more match and the confident just gone.



Play lots of matches. Playing matches will give you the experience of the pressure of a match. Don't play with just friends or people you know maybe join a tournament and randomly ask people if they want to play sometime for a match. also at they have a player search if you join for people in your area. Its free to join. Playing lots of matches will help your mental game.