Trying the Yonex Ezone 98+, any tuning suggestions?


My current racket is the Ai98 and I love it, but I need another and decided to test the new Ezones 98s, with particular interest in the 98+.

1st time I hit with it I mostly liked it, but it felt a lot slower than my modded Ai. So for the 2nd hit I found a package of tack putty and added 50 grams (yes, 50!) to the handle: half on the buttcap and half just above the grip. Looked funny but swung much better. Felt like it could use just a little lead at the tip as it came around maybe a touch too quickly.

I've only played with it twice so I'm not dialed in with it yet but I feel like I can get there and this will be a good choice for me. Any advice on setting up this frame? Anything I can try on a demo?


50 grams is on the extreme side but , yes usually people seem to put weight in the handle to prefered balance...or play it stock. It also depends of the SW of yours. You could add weight to the head but if its already 340 you can play it stock for now.