Trying to leave the Pure Drive


No one's mentioned it yet - but the Volkl V1 is a really nice option in terms of comfortable, light, and powerful. I've been using the Classic, and actually find it just as arm friendly (maybe even more so) than the ProKennex Kinetic Ki5.


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Can anyone explain the difference between a 2015 PD and the previous version? It is more than graphics and color, but how much more? I need to replace a PD+ that was broken during a particularly sweaty 113 degree day when the racket slipped on a serve. Should I replace with a 2015 or the previous? PD or PD+??

There is a difference but it's hard to explain. Best to demo. I would say there seems to be less of a difference between the regular PD and the Tour than there was between the old PD and the PDR. Of the four I prefer the PDR but it's what I'm used to.


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To the OP, have you tried the PD Tour? I think the extra weight and SW tone down the harshness a bit. The Blade is a nice frame. I liked the RF 97 as well.


Head Youtek Extreme mp 2.0 hits nice and the babolat e sense comp is supposedly the same mold as the PD but flexier and without the bells and whistles.


Good suggestions. The Volkl Super G 8 is a really good choice but the feel is very different. the 315 version is a great power doubles racket. Not a very good feel racket though. So powerful, it's tough to do drop shots or touch volleys. I like the PS97 but it is a softer stick. It doesn't go "boom" like the pure drive or Volkl.

If you're looking for power and spin similar to the Pure Drive, the Volkl SG 8 is definitely worth a demo. It has a crisp feel, and it unleashes a heavy ball loaded with spin. I have both the 315g and the 300g, and they're great racquets. The heavier one fits my game better, so I may look to unload the 300s and pick up a couple more 315s. All in all, a wonderful set of racquets to play with.


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I just made the switch from the pure drive + 2012 to the Yonex AI 98. I love the AI 98. Great stability and controlled power. Easy on the arm. I haven't played this solid in a while.


PK Q5 is heavenly on the arm. Has the same 100" head you are used to with massive sweet sport. Power is high almost like a PD but control is much better. It is the closest thing to an arm friendly PD by a long shot