Trying to post racquet to sell!

Discussion in 'TW Questions/Comments' started by Japanese Maple, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Japanese Maple

    Japanese Maple Semi-Pro

    Feb 25, 2004
    After reading the "for sale" guidelines I have tried numerous times to post my Head MG prestige with no success. I have stated the condition of 9.5/10 and the age and where I purchased the racquet(tw), along with grip size, price, and contact info. Why is my thread not being posted?
  2. bladepdb

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    May 9, 2008
    All posts in the For Sale threat are monitored. Maybe you were missing some piece of info or another, or maybe they were just backed up on posts so they were slowl
  3. TW Staff

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    Jan 21, 2004
    Please read number 9....

    Q: How do I rate my gear?

    A: It isn't easy to give a number (out of 10) for gear, because each item undergoes wear and tear differently from person to person, player to player. A loose guideline will be posted, if you use this, please mention it. Guidelines are subjective, so if we put effort to use a standard, please mention it! For instance (By the TW guidelines, I would rate this a 8/10!)
    The below ratings are for racquets, you can use these guidelines loosely to translate to other gear.

    These are loose guidelines, indicate any discrepancies such as play time (in hours, preferrably), string life, paint chips, nature of chips, bumper guard condition, etc)
    1. Broken racquet
    2. Used, unplayable, racquet.
    3. Used, very poor condition. Racquet is structually un-sound, restring at your own risk.
    4. Used, poor condition. Racquet shows abundant wear, often through to the graphite, Paint chips, cracks, and wear is very noticeable. Paint is worn through to the graphite in multiple areas, Bumper guard is worn through to the graphite in multiple areas, grommets are cracked, or worn through and need replacement.
    5. Used, OK condition. Racquet is playable, but there is noticeable, and abundant wear of bumper guard, paint, grip, strings, grommets. Frame may show graphite wear, but is still in playable condition.
    6. Used, fair condition. Racquet is structurally sound, no cracks. Paint may be chipped or blemished down to the graphite, but no graphite wear is evident. Bumper guard is in decent condition, but spots show wear to a thin layer, or even slightly through to the actual frame. Grip shows noticeable wear, and may need replacement. Grommets show significant wear, but do not need replacement.
    7. Used, good condition. Paint chips and scratches are minor, but noticeable. Grip shows some wear. Strings are used (obviously if they're not, make a note). Grommets show wear, and/or show multiple string jobs (i.e. they are getting squished, and or are enlarged). Bumper guard shows medium wear.
    8. Used, Very Good condition. Paint chips/scratches are small, but minor. No graphite has been exposed. Bumper guard in very good to excellent condition (scuffing OK, but please make a note). Scuffing on the frame, note whether or not it is noticeable, and/or into the paint. Grip worn slightly. Grommets in good condition, perhaps enlarged/smooshed, but no cracking/damage.
    9. Opened/Used, Excellent condition. Used, but otherwise in near perfect condition. This is for an item that has been opened, plastic taken off the handle, used once or twice, etc. Item has seen very, very little wear and tear. Any scratches are very minute, and should be noted. Grip is in excellent condition, perhaps covered by an overgrip it's entire life. Paint blemishes are cosmetic only. No paint chips, No cracks, scrapes are very, very small (1-2 mm) and superficial only. Bumper guard in very good, to excellent condition. Grommets are in excellent condition, little to no smooshing of tie off holes, little to no enlarging at tie off holes. Note: Any items rated from 9.1-9.5 will be moderated more closely with more description expected. (Anything rated higher than 9.5 will be automatically deleted as 9.5 is deemed the highest possible rating for any used item in the eyes of TW) If there is only a rating with no description in this rating zone, it most likely will be deleted as too many users in the past have used this particular rating as code for "brand new."
    10. Brand new, no use, NIB (New in Box). TW does not allow the sale of any new products with the exception of out of production grommets. Barely used racquets will be evaluated on a post-to-post basis to determine if they compete with the sale of new products by TW. We reserve the right to refuse any ad.
    Q: What kind of Delivery options do I have?
    A: You can ship ground using any of the popular methods of delivery. USPS Priority, USPS Parcel Post, Fedex Home, Ground, UPS Ground, DHL Ground. I personally like USPS Priority shipping quite a bit. It is a 2-3 day service (most often 2 days), and shipping materials are free. Pick up two of their flat, rectangular boxes at the post office (for free), and tape them together when shipping racquets. This service ranges from $4.05 (in your immediate region) to about $7.50 (across the nation). Labels for shipping items are easily printed online, and include Delivery Confirmation free!

    Q: What kind of payments should I accept?
    A: This varies from person to person. I find Paypal (Non-CC) is the most convenient form of trading. The payments by paypal (Non-CC) are as good as cash, fast, and easy. If you do not have a paypal account, or do not want to sign up for one, you can use Personal Check (need to wait for it to clear), Money Order (can obtain one at Wal-Mart, the Post Office, etc for a small fee), or Cashier's Check. These latter methods all have risks, such as an inability to refund the cash if you are scammed. Paypal and CC-paypal have built in security, but it IS a hassle. Protect yourself up front.

    Note: CC (credit card) paypal requires an upgraded account to be accepted. These include business and premier accounts. There IS a charge to accept credit card paypal, which is (i believe $.30 + 3%). You won't often find people accepting of CC-paypal in the world of racquet trading, so be aware of this. It is AGAINST paypal policy to charge extra to accept credit card payments, but it does happen.

    Spencer, TW.
  4. Josherer

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    Feb 11, 2008
    TW, so helpful :)
  5. diredesire

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    Mar 16, 2004

    Describe your items in detail, if possible ;)

    A lot of people try and post FS threads such as:

    "great shape, 9.5/10, 4 3/8
    e-mail me at:"

    No detail is most likely no go.
  6. Japanese Maple

    Japanese Maple Semi-Pro

    Feb 25, 2004
    Spencer, please check my recent thread for Head Prestige MG. I have followed the guidelines and in fact copied numerous threads that have been posted successfully-I am totally confused. I listed the racquet as 9.5/10, grip size 4 1/2, and stated that I purchased the racquet from TW in May and it is in excellent condition. I quoted price and gave my e-mail. Whats up? I even stated that I use an overgrip so the original grip is in excellent condtion.
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  7. SFrazeur

    SFrazeur Legend

    Mar 26, 2006
    What does "excellent condition" mean exactly?

    Are there any scratches, bumper guard rash, minor cosmetic chips, so on. You'll want to describe the condition not just term the condition of the racquet.


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