trying to tie knot??

Discussion in 'Strings' started by wilsonsir12, Jul 25, 2008.

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    Jun 25, 2008
    so last night and early this morning i tried to string my first racquet but the problem was that i couldnt get the string back through a grommet so i could tie knot so i was just left with two ends sticking out didnt know what to do can someone help
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    the order of the options means nothing, thats just how i typed them in
    read them all and see which one works better for you, be careful and good luck

    option A - a pathfinder owl woudl really help on this situation
    if you have a air-pump needle, see if you string will fit throug it, that could be used as your pathfinder owl

    option B - use the cutters to cut the tip of the string in half, see if you can get 1/2" of it or so, that will make it thinner to be able to push through the hole and then you'kll be able to pull from the other side, be carefull since its half the thickness it will rip easy

    option C - try to use the needlenose plies to push the line through the hole 1/8" at a time, using your free hand to make sure the string does nto push back out when you release the plier

    option D - if you have a owl tool, try to insert it in the hole slowly and try to widen the hole a bit, since you already have the string on the hole be carefull not to rub to hard on it, cause it will snapp, you could use hand lotion or similar as lubricant to make this easier and possibly prevent the rubbing i was talking about

    option E - see if you can find another hole near by you can use, i dont like it when i go over 3 holes, so any near by would work, ideally the tie off hole would be best, but sometimes it just wont fit easily without the proper tool
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    All excellent suggestions!

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