Tsitsipas black strings




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Pros of old wouldn't change anything, ever. These younger guys trend toward making all sorts of changes when they're losing a lot. Is it b/c they Alcaraz, Rune, and now Fils killing it with the PAVS so they want a similar string pattern thinking it will help?


There is no better/worse string, it's all about play style. Maybe 4G soft is more user friendly, but if you hit hard an need control, regular 4G is addictive and very difficult to move from
obviously lmao. i just mean for me, that’s why i said imo. For me it’s easier on the arm, similar tension maintenance and better access to spin, and the tw string comparison tool reflects that. I won’t lie though, i’d be using 4g if not for 4g soft. both are great strings.


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if only string patter could get rid of his father and teach him a backhand…
Agree on the father part, disagree on the OHBH.

This is a surprising development. Wonder when exactly the switch happen, can any of the photo gurus confirm?