Tsitsipas Federer match

Just wanted to be the first one to make a thread about it.:p
I kept saying to myself the whole match ‘how come this kid has no fear about playing Federer, how can a young man with little experience have so much confidence?’ And at the end of the match he said he always believed in himself. But obviously he backed it up with an incredible game.
Feel free to join. Is this now the best one handed backhand in the world? Has the next gen finally arrived? Could Federer be thinking ‘yup, I think I’m done now’?..
He's finally ended the bust-a-gut hot streak now

If he gets through Nadal then its Djokovic most likely

If he can do that, wow. He'll be the king of next gen and current greatest
I was bummed out since i'm a huge Fed fan but Tsitisipas played the match of his life so good for him...He has a flair (like the French players)..not the cookie cutter way a lot of the other pros play like...The biggest thing i took away from this match was Tsitisipas' size...
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the after loss interview i found interesting. federer said tsti uses something closer to a "continental backhand grip"
He meant im general he didnt say backhand. He saud he uses closer to continental grips which is rare nowadays (probably means eastern fb/bh)
Meaning hes not using more extreme grips as most do nowadays.
I watched the whole match between Agut and Tsitsipas and I could see how he beat Federer and possibly could repeat it.

1. He could play fearlessly. Almost Federer or the elite level (talk about Nadal, Raonic's stability). People like Osaka, Sharapova, Wozniacki still freeze up and drop their games tremendously.
2. He could play a bit of Nadal consistency, ie defensive mode which is Federer's Achille heel. Federer doesn't stand a chance against a great defender, a runner.
3. He's young and naturally last much longer than Federer. Federer almost never play 5th sets well.
The roddick/federer "rivalry" is one of the most frustrating and depressing ones to watch. It's abysmally lopsided and depressing. It was more depressing to watch than Fed/Nadal. When Fed prevailed, Federer should really earn every tennis fan's admiration.

We don't play (so we have no idea) but we watch pro tennis for many things but one big thing is inspiration and unpredictability (that's life). Roddick was truly a sad case. He's younger than Federer and has been a champ before, not like he was unfamiliar. Why did he "allow" such a beat down to take place?

(but the guy won by hooking up with a real hottie. $100+ million, tennis glory vs Brooklyn Decker? Tough choice)
The same reason Ferrer "allowed" 17 beat-downs from Fed...

Ferrer is a poor man's pro. He's short. Has no weapon other than his hardwork ethics. Still, his loss to Federer is still lower than Roddick, and he's still sticking around.

Roddick is Federer's physical. Has experienced a major championship. Has the serve.