Tsitsipas on Natural Gut


If you are vegan soley for perceived health benefits, then there's no hypocracy in using natural gut strings.

If you site ethical grounds for being vegan, then using gut strings is totally hypocritical.
finally the first post here that makes any sense. There is a difference between adhering to a vegan diet he being “a vegan.”
and many more people on tour other than djokovic have taken up eating plant based diets. It’s a trend right now for athletes.


Unless it's for health reasons, I find veganism completely stupid. It's a classic example of human emotion getting in the way. We are biologically designed to eat meat. We have canine teeth for the purpose of tearing meat apart before chewing. If we were not the dominant species on earth we'd be some creature's food on the regular as well.
scientists would disagree with your claims


Natural gut is a by product of the meat industry and far more environmentally friendly than polyester which don’t biodegrade and come from the plastic industry.

I think if animals are going to be produced for meat, we should strongly support whole animal use to maximize the benefit of the animals death.
Things aren’t binary and it’s not hypocritical to be against animals for meat production but accept if the animal is going to die we should be as utilitarian as possible.


I took the SATs in 2002/2003, My score today would be 85 points higher based on my percentile range and the inverse multiplier effect of the test's difficulty. People are getting dumber, not smarter. Plato is laughing from his grave.


I find it hilarious that this thread is still going.

The term "vegan" is mostly an annoyance these days and not really a term of endearment. You arent a hardcore "vegan" if you eat honey. My diet was mostly vegan for over a decade and I still ate sushi a few times a year - because it's f'ing amazing.

I have a non-leather belt and a wallet made out of cork but I really like natural gut string because its amazing and there really isnt a substitute. I can use natural gut string and promote plant based diets at the same time. The dude is 22 years old and will understand that life isnt black and white absolutes as he gets older.


glad they stopped killing cats to make strings

They never did. They've always used sheep, goat, cow.
It is a legend due to a galleic medieval music instrument that was called a "Cat-gut".
This instrument was strung with cheep/cow gut, but sounded like a meowing cat! And it had only one gut string... So everybody use to call it "Cat-gut".
Then the idea of cat based gut strings travelled throught the ages, and even today you can hear many people spreading that myth. :)


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That doesn't look like a food for humans.

That, on the other hand ...

That is so juice. Do you cut out the fat and ligaments and throw it out ?? or do you just eat all the fat and ligament on the piece ?? i ate all the fat one time and someone said i am supposed to cut that part out and not eat it
Being vegan isn't just about not killing an animal - it's about taking advantage of animal suffering. So natural gut goes against the principles of veganism regardless that the animals were raised for another purpose.
Veganism isn’t always black & white though. Some think people shouldn’t own pets. Others are obsessive pet owners. Some think it’s fine to eat a turkey sandwich if you know it’s going to be thrown in the trash. Others will never eat meat under any circumstance.