Tsonga has a higher peak than Federer at the Australian open


He sure as hell wouldn't have beaten Nadal like that though no matter how good he was...
Actually, you don’t know that, you really don’t. You’d have said the same thing about Tsonga if this match never happened.

I think Federer’s level was just as good, perhaps even better, in a number of matches at the AO. 2005 QF, 2007 SF, 2009 QF and 2010 SF spring to mind.

The thing with Nadal is that he really doesn’t touch Federer or Djokovic in returning capability on HC; a cursory glance at their respective returning numbers against top players reveals this. So, when Nadal isn’t feeling it off the ground or is rushed for time, his return game is liable to fall off a cliff, leading to very lopsided scorelines.


If we base someone’s peak level on one match then we may as well call Tsonga the GOAT since he apparently has a higher peak than Federer and Nadal lol.

Regardless this match was incredible. For once in his entire career Nadal simply had no answers. That’s very seldom happened before and since.


I do agree that Federer could not ever destroy a very in form Nadal like Tsonga did that day. Probably not even indoors, certainly not on any outdoor court. Federer has match up issues with Nadal though so I wouldnt put too much stock into that. And Nadal has match up issues with any flat ball hitter in top form, outside of clay.

Freddy Cat

It amazes me every time I watch that video of Tsonga in AO 2008 just how much better his anticipation and movement is -- even when comparing to some of his other peak performances, it doesn't even come close.


You know, reading the term "Peak" a lot in the past few days, that's been used extensively for a reasonable reason or not, made me illusion every time I see chicks hearing them making a noice: Peak peak....peak peak!



Watched the highlights now after a long while, clearly had forgotten how beast Tsonga was in this one.

Two particular takes:
  • Dem volleys
  • Where the hell has that backhand been for the rest of his career?!