TT Film/TV Show/Music/Books (etc) CULTURE CLUB!

Ross K

... and when I say Culture Club, I'm not talking Boy George either (though if that floats your boat, why not?!)

Films, TV shows, books, music, plays, shows, whatever... seen/heard/read anything that you'd care to recommend/criticize/post about?

Ross K

If you think you're having a bad day...

Saw this last week and would highly recommend if it sounds vaguely like your kind of thing (seat of your pants thriller, Scandinavian backdrop, Jo Nesbo book, crooked protagonist being ruthlessly and tirelessly pursued after botched attempt at stealing a valuable painting off the latter.)

Lead actor, Axel Hennie (reminds me a bit of the legend that is Christopher Walken), is superb as the slightly arrogant, preening, general, er, bit of an a-hole, who's plans to Rob the equally excellent Hans Greve character (don't know his name off-hand, sorry, but he's excellent too as the ultimate terminator!)... and btw, this film has the best, grimmest scene involving a toilet since 'Train-spotting'!

Hollywood is meant to be seriously already on the case with this, with Mark Wahlberg pencilled in to play Axel H's role... could imagine Tarantino directing it... anyhow, can't see any actor/director combo or other production being as memorable as this though.

This guy seriously is having a baaad day, I tell you!

Ross K


My second choice would be the new Ricky Gervaise TV 'comedy' (or however you'd describe it) shown the other night here in the UK.

Whilst loving 'The Office', I haven't been so into his other stuff like Life Is Short and his films, and I'm not even sure about the Golden Globes presentation thing - although some of it is undeniably hysterical when you see those collected egos getting bashed about.

'Derek' though seemed to me to be be just woeful... it wasn't remotely funny or moving, but managed to almost be almost, I don't know... off-putting... gross... LOL!... anyhow, whatever RG was attempting here certainly passed me by. I also thought his portrayal of the central character was just bewildering on so many levels.

Anyone else see this or have any views on Ricky Gervaise?