TTW Current Top 10: I Ain’t Afraid of Ya List

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Ive hit with so many players from TT. We had a group in Orlando years back and there was at least 8-10 of us who would meet Sat AM. Not sure how I didn’t make this

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Off the top of my head, more active members here - Pickle, bad call, navigator, mikeler, bobfl,dgoran,mscream

Thats a pretty short list, but it’s a start


This is a top 10 list of TTW posters who have played tennis with the highest number of other TTW posters.

I'm calling it the "I Ain't Afraid of Ya List" because this is a list of people who aren't afraid of meeting other people in real life and actually playing tennis with them.

To qualify for this list, please list the usernames of the other TTW people you have played tennis. if you didn't play but met up in person that is okay, too, if one of you was injured or can no longer play tennis.

I'll start with myself and the list off the top of my head.

1. @mad dog1 : 27
@Maximagq @travlerajm @JGads @BIGJ98 @JordanWinning @JOSHL @icorp @bruinduke @snoflewis @jmnk @dimkin @nvr2old @Ultra 2 @djNEiGht @KoaUka @eshin @Tenfanla @Rivers Scott @PhrygianDominant @tennisholic @ciocc @tangsta @siata94 @evantsung @its me ray @sunchaser @tnet
2. @nytennisaddict : 16
3. @travlerajm : 15
4. @Shroud : 13
5. @navigator : 13
6. @onehandbh : 13 people on TTW (I know there are others I am missing, but these are the TTW posters whose usernames I can remember.)
7. @Pickle9 : 10
8. @BounceHitBounceHit : 7+
9. @Power Player : 7+
10. @ChaelAZ : 4
11. @MisterP : 3
12. @Topspin Shot : 3
13. @Bender : 2
14. @Dragy : 2
15. @PhxRacket : 1
?. @J011yroger : 10000 people on TTW ?
I'm sure people like @J011yroger and many of other TTW posters have played way more people than me.

As more people put their entries, I'll add them to this list and update the current rankings.

EXTRA bonus if you have actually hit with Vince Spadea or @LeeD.
Yo dude, did I miss it? No list for @LeeD ? Certainly he is in the top 10? Come on D tell us which TT poasters you slummed with!