TW/Chris/Jason: Nike Cage 3 fit comparison


Just wondering how the Cage 3 fits compared to the adidas UberSonic (first ones)? When I got my Ubers, I asked how they sized compared to a Cage 2 9.5, and I was told to get them in a size 10, which was right on. What say you, fine people of the interwebs? What size Cage 3 should I get? Thanks!

TW Staff

The Cage 3 fits very shallow at the toe tip. I went up to a size 9.5 in the Cage 3s. I wear a 9 in the Uber 2s and 3s. The fit in the Cage 3s gets more generous at the toes once broken in since the insole compresses to allow more room top to bottom. However, I'm glad I went up in size and enjoyed the fit and feel of the shoes throughout the test.

As an option you can always oder a 10 and a 10.5 and return the pair you don't want as we offer free return shipping.

Chris, TW


Thanks for the reply, Chris. So going up a 1/2 size made for a roomier toebox, but it didn't make them too long for you?