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Discussion in 'TW Questions/Comments' started by TripleB, Sep 11, 2004.

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    Sep 2, 2004
    North Carolina
    I was playing several nights ago and it seemed like I almost had to throw my shoulder out just to try and put a ball away with my POG mid. Of course some of this is because of the extreme topspin I've become used to playing with, but even when I tried to flatten it out, it didn't seem to have a lot of pop. I tried to really go after my serve last night (I usually just hit huge kickers) and I had more double faults than I'd care to count (I'd guess around 9 or so).

    As my body begins to slow down I'd like to gradually gravitate to a little more powerful racquet so that my body will have to do less of the work.

    Swinging out was a load of fun when I was in my late twentys, but now that I'm 37, putting the ball away with less effort seems like it would be a blast too :D

    I don't want to lose the solid feel that I have with the POG mid, but I believe I need to find a racquet that offers more pop from all over the court (I'm not talking rocket launcher) and is less demanding than the POG mid.

    I know I want to demo the Yonex RDX-500 Midplus, Prince Diablo Midplus, and the Volkl Tour 10 V-Engine Midplus.

    I would like to know what racquet you think would make a good 4th choice to add to my demo order.

    Thanks a million.


    FYI: I'm a 4.5 baseliner {who is in the process of adding a net game so I can end points a little quicker} who uses quite a bit of spin (top and slice) and uses patience, a strong backhand, and hustle to beat opponents. I'm looking for more power (without having to do as much work) from all areas of the court in a lighter (than the 12.1 ounces of my POG mid) package.
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    Jan 21, 2004
    Looking at the other racquets you have selected, I would look at one of the following: LM Prestige MP, LM Radical MP, Pure Storm Team, Pure Control Team, nSix-One 95, ProStaff Tour 95, Slazenger X-1, ProKennex 5G, Type C MP, Type R and the Dunlop 300G.

    Good luck,

    Chris, TW.

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